Surface Mount

A19 Series

A19 Series changeover is for use with combination heating and cooling thermostats. Recommended for convectors, fan coils, blast coil units, and similar devices. The A19CAC-2 control can be mounted directly on a vertical or a horizontal pipe, using the supplied can mounting strap. The A19CAC-1 Control has a convenient remote bulb.


A19D Series

A19D Series surface mounted controls are reliable, durable on/off temperature controls with line-voltage single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switches, designed for fluid piping applications. Two adjustable straps enable mounting directly to a pipe. Use for high temperature detection on boilers and low temperature detection on unit heater coils.



A19 flange-mounted duct thermostats include a special air coil sensing element and an adjustable mounting flange. Features include a single-pole, double-throw switch. The thermostat is unaffected by barometric pressure or cross-ambient temperatures.